For You

“In the military, we work as a team and we have each other’s backs when we take on a challenge. That’s the approach I want to bring to Washington as your next Congressman—a renewed focus on the mission of serving you, not posturing for big donors and taking votes to keep the PAC cash rolling in.”

As your voice in Congress, Demetries will:

  • Fight to improve our health care system and lead the effort to improve the Affordable Care Act, working to reduce costs and provide coverage to the uninsured;
  • Lead the charge to provide a living wage to working people, easing the financial security facing so many South Our area residents and allowing them to contribute our economy and enjoy the quality of life they deserve; and
  • Protect Medicare and Social Security, making sure we live up to the promise we made to seniors who paid into the system and deserve to retire with dignity.


For Our District

“I fell in love with this area during my operation tours flying out of Naval Air Station Key West and Homestead Air Force Base. We live in a beautiful place and we need committed leadership to keep it that way."

Demetries is a leader who will things done for district as our Congressman.

"Recognizing our state is on front lines of climate change"

For some, climate change is a topic for debate. For the residents of our area, it’s a reality we need to confront as we face stronger hurricanes and rising sea levels. As our Congressman, Demetries will work to bring federal, state, and local resources together to effectively prepare for destructive storms, manage cleanups, and make our area a leader in exploring the clean energy and sustainable business practices we need to prepare for the future.


Demetries will make sure our roads and bridges are safe, not only as a public safety and basic public service obligation, but as a means of promoting investment in our area. He knows that is the foundation we need to make the area a center for tech innovation and green energy.


"The Keys and the Everglades are natural treasures that are the core of what makes our area special."

As a skilled diplomat with a track record of working with a wide range of people and organizations, Demetries is uniquely positioned to bring all the stakeholders together—Democrats and Republicans, environmentalists and developers, agricultural interests and businesses—to tackle critical issues such as water quality and quantity, urban encroachment, rising seas, and invasive exotic species..


For America



“As the child of an immigrant mother, I know first-hand the challenges people face in coming to a new country and seeking to build their dreams for a better life.

We are a nation of immigrants and we need to respect and honor that proud legacy, not by closing our doors to others now that we are safely established, but by doing what we can to make America a safe and welcoming place to the people who share our values and want to be a part of the American Dream.

As your Congressman, I will work to promote comprehensive immigration reform that includes a pathway to citizenship for the nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants that live here and contribute to our economy. And I will strive to give the DREAMers permanent legal immigration status, as part of my commitment to make sure we live up to the ideal of being a nation that treats all people with dignity and respect.”



“We can’t let what happened in Parkland become another tragedy, another example of our failure to address gun violence, another reminder that we are content to stand idly by as our schools are turned into killing fields.

Parkland must be a call to action, an opportunity to demand concrete steps to protect our children and make our public spaces safe. I had to go through extensive training to get a gun. But even serving in the military, I had to get re-certified on a regular basis to be able to carry a weapon.

Think about that. Are we really willing to let anyone have a gun under any circumstances when we don’t even extend that right to those serving our country? I will fight for sensible gun regulations, because I know that like the other rights granted under the Constitution, our right to bear arms comes with responsibilities. It is not a blank check.

 I will fight for universal background checks, age restrictions for those under 21 (waived for military and law enforcement), and the restoration of the assault weapon ban that led to an all-too brief reduction in gun violence in the 1990’s. I will also lead the effort to close the gun show and online sales loopholes and to ban bump stocks, armor piercing ammunition, and extended magazines. Finally, I will push to ensure those on the terrorist no-fly list cannot buy firearms.”


 “My father was a Navy veteran, who was at sea during the Cuban Missile Crisis, serving at a time of a very real threat of the kind of confrontation that could have led to a nuclear nightmare.

As a Commander in the Navy, I had the honor to lead thousands of sailors from all walks of life. I’ve had overseas diplomatic postings as a naval attaché in Israel and Greece.

I know we live in dangerous times, as we face challenges on all fronts—from domestic and international terrorism, to conventional and cyber warfare, as well as chemical and biological weapons attacks to the ongoing threat of nuclear weapons.   

We need leadership in Congress that understands these threats and is prepared to exercise good judgment and an understanding of the costs of war to ensure that our nation and our allies around the globe are prepared to deter and defeat these growing threats.”