Meet Demetries

The son of an immigrant mother…who understands the courage of those who come here to pursue the American Dream.

The son of a father who served in the Navy…who shared his commitment to serve and make a difference.

A decorated naval Commander…who worked with and led sailors from all walks of life, sharing one goal—to protect our country.

As a kid growing up, home for Demetries Grimes was wherever the Navy sent his father. His parents met when his dad was assigned to a U.S. base in Greece and after they married, it was a new assignment every few years—to places like the Great Lakes;  Newport, Rhode Island; Athens, Greece; and Charleston, South Carolina. But even when his dad was away for extended deployments, Demetries and his mom, brother, and sister were always part of a strong community of military families and Greeks and Greek-Americans.

The pride and sense of accomplishment his mother felt at becoming a citizen of the United States and his father’s commitment helped guide Demetries. Hearing his mother talk about the decision to leave the country she knew to pursue a different life, listening to his father’s stories of being at sea during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Demetries knew service to the United States was going to be the focus of his life.

  • Seven deployments, including two tours in Afghanistan, and five in flying squadrons operating from aircraft carriers

  • More than 100 combat support missions

  • Evacuation of 15,000 Americans out of Beirut during the 2006 Lebanon War

  • Assignments to the Pentagon, White House, and the Combined Interagency Task Force 435 in Afghanistan

  • Diplomatic postings as Naval Attaché to Greece and Israel

  • Deputy Commander/Executive Officer at the US forward operating base at Souda Bay, Crete

  • Advisor to the Commander at Headquarters, Allied Maritime Command in London, England

Demetries knows South Florida. It’s where his family eventually settled after his dad retired and where he did operational tours out of Naval Air Station Key West and Homestead Air Force Base.

It’s going to take leadership and discipline,

to fight for what matters to our district…

…preserving our environment, protecting our water supplies and treasures like the Everglades, Florida Keys, and our coast.

…promoting affordable education that keeps our economy competitive and prepares our children for a stronger future,

…making good on our promises to seniors and veterans, and

…delivering a quality health care system

 that ensures all of our citizens get the treatment and care they need.

On that last note, Demetries’ father died at the age of 69 after suffering a mild heart attack and receiving substandard care. Demetries believes we need to fix our health care delivery system because no family, especially a veteran’s family in the richest nation in the world, should have to suffer that kind of unnecessary loss.

Demetries will bring to Congress a strong focus on getting things done, extensive experience working with people from all sides of the political spectrum, and an untiring commitment to serving our community.  As a military officer Demetries learned the importance of teamwork, serving all, and leaving no one behind. That’s what we need to make meaningful change in Washington.