I'm not done serving.

"I'm not done serving."

-Commander Demetries Grimes, United States Navy, (RET.)


Our great nation has the human spirit, resourcefulness, and know-how to do what is "just."


I’m Commander Demetries Grimes. I’m the son of a navy veteran father and proud Greek immigrant mother. For more than 25 years as a naval officer, I went into harm’s way to serve all Americans. As your Representative in Congress, I will dedicate myself to serving you with the same values of honor, courage, and commitment that saw me through the challenges of my military career. Together, we must ensure that our government does what is “just”...FOR YOU, FOR OUR DISTRICT, AND FOR AMERICA.

If you share my commitment to making sure our government is focused on doing what is “just,” I would be honored to have your support.

Join us today in introducing a new type of leadership.